Covid Update

Covid-19 response

As we move into GREEN phase and start resuming increased social lives, This is how Jimbo the Clown will do his best to protect your family and guest at your next gathering.

  • Balloons will be blown up by pump, not by mouth as I have done for the last 30+ years. This will be a big change, but a necessary one.
  • In order to keep my hands safely sanitized, Jimbo will not wear the typical colorful clown gloves. This change will enable frequent use of hand sanitizer.
  • Props will be wiped with sanitizer before each event, Jimbo will limit the exchange of props with children
  • When face painting or spin-art (or really anything that requires being in close vicinity with others) Jimbo will wear a mask. Face paint brushes will be sanitized after each child.
  • Will follow social distancing protocols whenever possible.
  • NEW!  Since blowing out candles will probably not be fashionable for the foreseeable future similar to shaking hands or giving high-fives, Jimbo will provide each birthday child with the new “Jimbo” Fan to keep to use to blow out candles. These fans are battery operated, have soft blades for safety sake and will the a gift from Jimbo.